Rdram Rambus Memory Rambus RDRAM 184-Pin 232-Pin PC-800  PC-1066  PC-1200


Rambus RDRAM 184-Pin /232-Pin PC-800 / PC-1066 / PC-1200 Memory Module (RIMM) Samsung Memory

Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory

RDRAM is a revolutionary technology. Rather than building on previous memory types, Rambus incorporates significant changes. Rambus RIMM modules operate at a maximum frequency of 400MHz and use clock doubling to allow for 800MHz performance. This high-speed operation is offset by reducing the bus width from 64 bits to 16 bits. Rambus utilizes an impedance matched channel to ensure high performance and stability.Current Rambus systems are based on either the Intel 820 or 840 chipset. The 840 offers enhanced performance by using two channels instead of one. Systems applications include high-end desktop and workstation platforms.

The Rambus RDRAM memory module provides the memory bandwidth necessary to obtain optimal performance from the Intel® Pentium® III or the Intel® Pentium® 4 microprocessor as well as a high-performance AGP graphics controller. The Rambus RDRAM module supports PC800, PC1066 and PC1200 RDRAM, delivering 1.6GB/s - 4.2GB/s of theoretical memory bandwidth. With faster throughput and more efficient protocol, PC800 / PC1066 / PC1200 Rambus Direct RAM allows many more open memory pages, which increases opportunity to page hits and better memory access.

Memory Modules

RDRAM PC800, PC1066, PC1200 16-bit, 32-bit non-ECC and ECC 256mb, 512mb, 1gb from Samsung, Kingston, OCZ

16-bit Rambus RDRAM memory (184 pins)

The 184 pin modules are available as RDRAM PC800, PC1066 and PC1200 from Samsung, Kingston and OCZ.  RDRAM Samsung Memory. This is the most common type of RDRAM used in many new Pentium 4 systems.
Please note that 16-bit modules must be installed in pairs of two in Pentium 4 systems. Some Pentium III systems also use RDRAM and these often do not require matched pairs.

32-bit Rambus RDRAM memory (232 pins)

The 232 pin modules are available as PC800, PC1066 and PC1200 from Samsung and OCZ. These modules are suitable for the relatively new motherboards with support for 32-bit RDRAM, such as the ASUS P4T533, MSI MS-6592 and EPoX EP-4T4A+.
These modules do not need to be installed in matching pairs.




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